• December 6, 2017
  • 7:45 pm
  • Wokingham Theatre

The American Christmas Holiday Classic of Frank Capra’s 1947 film, which starred Jimmy Stuart, is captivatingly brought to life in a 1947 radio studio setting. The company will bring a few dozen characters to the stage and tell the story of the idealistic George Bailey. As fans of the movie know, George has grown up in Bedford Falls, an idyllic small town, determined to get out. He plans to see the world and build skyscrapers or something else huge when he grows up. But circumstances keep him at home. His father dies. The rich, evil Mr. Potter tries to liquidate the Bailey family’s savings-and-loan business (and basically take over the town). George’s brother, Harry, marries a great woman whose father has offered him a promising career opportunity, far away from his hometown. When the accidental loss of $8,000 leaves George on the verge of disaster, he contemplates killing himself. Frank Capra’s classic film will never be surpassed by any remake, but this play remains true to the original and in a fresh and inventive way uses live music, props, sounds and voices to conjure up this heart-warming seasonal love story. By Joe Landry

Ticket prices:

£12 in advance (Show to run from 6th – 16th December 2017)